International Youth Peace March

HWPL Times Square

The youth of “Peace December” marches with our South Korean partners, HWPL, “Heavenly World Peace Restoration of Lights”, and “International Peace Youth Group”, from the Opera House to Times Square on June 18, 2015.

Holding the many flags of our world we chant,





PD&HWPL Intntl Youth

The first thing you notice upon meeting this group of people are the many different colors that are on the Korean fan dancer’s hanbok, the Korean traditional clothing. The vibrant colors along with their beautiful fans, create a feeling of inner peace amongst the clamor of the busy Times Square in NYC. The dancers twirl and smile, lifting their fans in a way that’s makes it look like flowers blowing in the wind, like nature itself dancing. Citizens and tourist of NYC were awestruck by our display of unification.

It was so inspirational for the Peace December members (Edna Thomas-Granger, Lisa Allen, Queen Mother, Andrea Bumpars, Preston Rivers, Tiara Pemberton, Taylor Brown, and others) to see the many unique faces joined together to represent the different religions, ethnicities, and countries unified to, quite literally, march towards peace.

“If we can have peace in Times Square, we can have peace everywhere!“-Andrea

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